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Allweb Solutions sa was a supporter of  4th Infocom Apps 2014: Moving App-wards: The Multi Screen Challenge!
The general feeling is that the Smartphone applications development is already at a very high level. Some may actually believe that it touches the limits of commodity. Obviously, there are many approaches: Some believe that we have moved from “revolution” to “evolution”, while some expect many, not so much from the technological “revolution” of the application itself, which are just the means, but the revolution that brings in the way of our life and our work.

Finally, there are those who say that this is nothing more than an illusion, which is expressed and reproduced from those who are within the applications ecosystem.
As usual, the reality of numbers has more right than anyone! Everything indicates that there is large room for “evolution». The Smartphones do not occupy more than 30% of the customer’s mobile network base, while tablets are only just starting to get in the minds of consumers as a “must have device” and it is expected to record excellent sales within the next three years, at the same time that Smart TVs multiply at the stores and the “Multiscreen” theorem does its comeback.

The signs are therefore excellent for the applications, which are the favorites in a technology race that has already begun, changing the rules of the game and constantly creating new needs, providing “out of the box” solutions at both consumers’ as and enterprises’ levels. The goal, however, is much larger, since the whole structure is based on the concept of mobile broadband, which interacts with the applications: supporting, but also being empowered by them.

All the stakeholders of the Mobile market look to the development of Apps, because through applications we have solutions that make easier the work or the life of their user, increasing sales of the devices and creating data traffic for the networks.

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