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We are a talented team of professionals with complementary skillsets. In our team you can find data architects, data scientists, business analysts, developers, system administrators and admin stuff. 

The experience of the members of our team in both technical and business consulting engagements creates a unique combination of qualifications that is capable to bridge the technical knowledge with business needs and vice versa. Due to the strong technical background which is in the heart of our team,  Allweb can practically take over and deliver any technical challenge, ranging from the development of simple web applications to highly demanding data mining and data analysis software tools, while the team members have the knowledge and business thinking to identify and utilize the value that is generated through the technical capabilities that are provided by existing or newly developed software.



Ioannidou Ioanna

President of the Board & CEO

Ioanna Ioannidou has 28 years of experience in designing and deploying c

Pnevmatikou Evaggelia

Head of Financial Services

Tsouchnika Anna

Senior Software Developer & Business Analyst

Anna is a graduate of Athens University of Economics and Business – Depa

Topaloglou Sotiris

Senior Web Developer

Sotiris is responsible for developing and maintaining responsive web-bas

Tziasios Aristofanis

Senior Software Engineer – Data Scientist

Graduated the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Natio

Papatheodorou Constantinos

Senior Software Developer

A decade in software development starting with desktop applications and

Savvakis Vasileios

Senior Software Developer

Vasilis holds MSc in Computer Science and is a graduate of Athens Univer

Fotos Theofanis

Web Developer

Theofanis is a graduate of University of Peloponnese – Department of Tel

Anthi Aliki

Senior Business Software Analyst

Aliki is a graduate of Athens University of Applied Sciences – Business

Kassidis Aimilianos

Junior Software Engineer

Aimilianos is a graduate of TEI of Central Macedonia, Department of Comp

Serafeim Pantelis

Junior Full-stack Developer, Junior Project Manager

Pantelis is a graduate of University Of Patras, Department of Computer E

Kypraios Chariton

Junior Software and AI Engineer

Chariton is a graduate of the Busine

Kalodimidis Dimitris

Junior Project Manager

Dimitris is a graduate of Democritus

Toptsios Thanasis

Junior Software Development Engineer

Thanasis is a graduate of the School of Applied Mathematics and Natural

Kontzos Marios

Junior Software Engineer

Marios graduated from University of Thessaly (TEI of Stereas Elladas), w

Maskinis Christos

Software Engineer

Christos specializes in Full Stack .Net - Angular development.

Pagkidis Michalis

Quality Assurance

Michalis is a certified graphic designer of IEK Sivitanidios Public Arts