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State aid funding made easy

Allweb provides cloud-based contract and project management software platform that helps public and private organizations to accept, evaluate, negotiate, and administer business plans for state aid funding and more! Auditor is web application that works with your online accounts and allows your organization to implement these processes seamlessly for the various contract processes from contract authoring, contract review and approvals, electronic signatures, and a centralized contract repository that helps you define all of your contracts and automate the various alerts and milestone processes, along with search and reporting capabilities. Used by hundreds Intermediate Organizations dealing with state aid funding, our contract and project management system supports document retention policies beyond just the contract documents. Allweb provides Auditor under a SaaS model including storage, retrieval and archival functions which are configurable based on your organization’s workflows. 


Dashboards & Reporting

  • Personalized dashboards according to user’s needs
  • Fully configurable widgets
  • Statistics and table views
  • Navigate to proposals and phases
  • Monitor status and manage tasks
  • Report wizard gives step-by-step instructions for standard or ad-hoc reports
  • Get reports in HTML, PDF or Excel output formats
  • Built on HTML 5 with responsive architecture for any browser and any device.

 Manage business plans and associated Documents

  • Organize proposals and business plans by type
  • Create a clear "hierarchical tree" view of the funding structures
  • All contracts and related documents are linked within each business plan
  • Upload, store and manage all pertinent business documents related to business relationships with the investors

 Setup approval workflows

Auditor’s  Approval Workflow Engine is administrator- and system-definable, flexible, intuitive and highly structured. It helps you control approval processes with configurable timelines, user or department defined tasks, and a simple, readable structure for streamlined results and improve practices.

  • Improve operational efficiencies and control with the easy to use workflow engine
  • Generate workflows from business plans, contracts, and projects
  • Send approvals to one or many internal and externals people simultaneously or in a sequence
  • Track progression in real-time via dashboards and configurable reports
  • Ensure momentum and timeliness of the contracting process

Mobile Access and Alerts

With Mobile Access & Alerts, Auditor provides users with the ability to view and perform functions via their smart phones and tablets. Instantly get Events, Messages, Tasks, Documents and review business plans and Contracts wherever you are.

Mobile Contracting provides a whole new way to look at your contracts, giving users the ability to immediately obtain critical Information from any location worldwide. Receive, view and perform Workflow Approval functions. You can even respond to or close Events and Tasks, all from your mobile device.

Whether you’re on the golf course or in a cab, at home or on the other side of the world, you have immediate access via Mobile Contracting to keep business moving along without interruption or delays.