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Making a smarter world by connecting intelligent devices

The Internet of Things provides a host of opportunities for enterprises to design, develop and launch smart connected devices, integrated with enterprise systems through new cross-platform applications and enhanced with services based on advanced analytics. As a result, enterprises have the additional opportunities to develop new business models, explore new customer engagement structures and potentially develop new revenue streams. The broad-ranging impact of Enterprise IoT is changing the rules of business.

The world is racing towards sensorization and smart connected things. Each day more and more devices are coming online, adding to the ever-growing Internet of Things (IoT). The challenge for the IoT ecosystem is to ensure these emerging IoT devices can connect securely and reliably to the Internet and to each other.

The Phoenix platform can accelerate the development of the framework and services required to connect these billions of devices.  Phoenix takes on the toughest challenges of interoperability, latency, datab    ase dependency and user complexity. Phoenix enables adaptable real-time intelligence and automation, and empowers you to exploit the vast potential of technology and the internet.



At our core is a design without bias and dependencies—Phoenix software plays really well with your existing technologies. It enables you to forget about “rip and replace” and greatly reduces integration pain and suffering.


Phoenix software supports your design and application requirements. Phoenix asynchronously handles any combination of signal – message – feed – stream – data. It’s your workflow—why limit your imagination?

Database independent

Phoenix software’s patent pending real-time stream processing provides you with independence from a database-reliant information stack. Phoenix enables you to filter and enrich at the “edge” and forget about pushing noise to your data warehouse.


Phoenix software enables you to apply computation and logic exactly where you need it, which opens up the aperture of innovation possibilities. Put Phoenix on a chip, a device, server(s), cloud(s) or a hybrid system architecture. We enable you to realize the benefits of distributed computing.

Real-time and scalable

As with other Phoenix attributes, we’re loath to the notion of Phoenix constraining your application requirements, so we’ve built Phoenix software to be wicked-fast. Dare we say, Phoenix is really real-time. Speed is sexy, but scalability is what brings home the bacon. Phoenix scales to your requirements—period.


Security is the major buzz kill for Smart Connected Things (IoT) and many other tech driven markets. Phoenix has adaptable security designed into the core architecture (not slapped on as an afterthought). The Phoenix modular architecture allows users to adapt new security advancements without developers having to worry about the underlying implementation details.

User friendly

All of this is for naught if we fail to achieve a harmonious balance between humans and machines. We insist software promotes your application requirements. We embrace Internet standards and provide super-friendly APIs.