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Best in Class, Real-time Streaming Analytics Platform

Realytics platform empowers customers to transform their business operations with faster analytics, smarter actions, and better outcomes. With our real time analytics platform, customers can build data models rapidly, analyze data quickly, and act on insights in a timely manner to meet their demanding business needs. There is a huge potential in real-time streaming data from sources like social networks, machine generated data, log files, click-streams, network, and IP Detail Record (IPDR) data. It gives enterprises an opportunity to create competitive edge by helping them put all their data at work to uncover new insights and support high velocity decision making. Realytics is designed to continuously ingest massive volumes of data. The high performance stream processing engine continuously queries, filters, correlates, integrates, enriches, and analyzes data to discover exceptions, patterns, and trends that are presented through live dashboards.


Realytics is designed to empower enterprises across industry verticals with a wide range of real-time use cases. Enterprises can use Realytics to take full advantage of the worldwide Open Source movement with a fully pre-tested and supported platform.

Some key features of Realytics are:

Quick Application Development

  • Design, Import and Export Real-time Data pipelines​
  • Drag, Drop and connect Operators to create Applications
  • Monitor detailed metrics of each Task and each instance
  • Set and get alerts based on performance thresholds

Real-time Dashboards

  • Connect a "Streamer" to the data pipeline
  • Stream Data and analytics to a live Web UI
  • Create and Design numerous Chart-Widgets
  • Arrange widgets to form Live dashboards

Multi –tenancy support 

  • Create different "Workspaces" for different tenants
  • Multiple Tenants share the Real-time streaming cluster
  • Each Workspace and its Applications visible only to Tenant
  • Super-Admin can create Workspace Admins and regular users

Elastic Scaling

  • Scale out with commodity hardware
  • Million events/second on ten nodes
  • Abstracted from application

Flexible Data Parsing

  • Configuration driven
  • Built-in support for JSON, de-limited and Regular Expressions
  • Support for other formats can be easily and quickly added

Rule-based Alerts

  • Web based run-time alert configuration
  • Alerts stored for queries and offline analytics
  • Support for multiple rules