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Engage your customers with through the easiest loyalty card mobile app

All your loyalty cards from your local stores in a single mobile app .The Walleb app is a great tool for keeping your customers close to your business by providing loyalty points and gifts. But it is more than that. It is a very practical way of helping consumers support their local markets and shops! Consumers can see now in their wallet and count the store cards they carry. They can forget all these plastic cards with Walleb, the easiest loyalty mobile app. But they can discover also wonderful new offers from their local stores which can be added easily in their Walleb.


Respecting Customers privacy

Walleb is a cardless loyalty system that works on mobile phones. It lets local merchants to reward their loyal customers. Walleb allows customers to sign up without giving personal data by signing in by using their Facebook or Gmail account.


When you first open the app you will not be asked to enter personal details. We ask only for a name. No password, no telephone number, no agreements to accept. You can also sign in using Facebook, which allows you to recover points if you switch or lose your phone.

One App for all Smartphones 

Unlike many of its competitors, Walleb works on most smartphones and operating systems due to it’s wrapper and responsive technology: iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc.  

Points and Rewards

Open the app and find deals at local businesses near you. Pick one to redeem now, or reserve it for later. It's that easy. Walleb is a great way to explore new places.

To get points and rewards in your favourite shop, just check-in with a single tap on your screen. You can do this before you arrive (within 1km of the shop), or while you’re waiting to be served. At the till you only have to give your name to the staff to get your points.

No QR Codes or Barcodes

With our loyalty app there is no messing around with QR codes or other barcodes, so you won’t have to stand there trying to get everything lined up for that photo capture. Just a simple tap and you’re done.