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The challenge for every organization today is to provide managers with valuable business information to allow for fact-based decisions.

For example in  competitive markets companies face multiple challenges to optimize customer services while controlling costs. The accurate and real time information is becoming key for business managers to understand customers behavior patterns, sales trends to keep track of cost and revenue over time as well as to measure product performance as a solid ground source for future business decisions.

Allweb’s Analytics-as-a-Service solutions integrate both, the ability to consolidate information in a unique data structure to be used as the source for further analysis, and to deliver relevant and visually pleasant analysis results that can be customized precisely according to customer needs.

Allweb provides to enterprises consolidated information about their product performance, service level and customer behaviors so they can make valid, fact-based decisions – and address business questions. As a result, they can use their systems better and faster, limiting the “black holes” of unknown or irrelevant data living in their databases. 

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